Complex Realization

TZB and FVE systems

We are a young company with a focus on the comprehensive implementation of sets of technical equipment for buildings, including design preparation, warranty and post-warranty service.

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To general construction suppliers we will supplement assembly capacities and supply know-how acquired from knowledge of complex realizations.
To investors and municipalities we prepare and implement modern heating or cooling of buildings, including post-warranty service.
To property owners we will solve PV systems, water, heating, gas and air conditioning. Professionally and worry-free

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Our wide range of services provides valuable knowledge across the implementation itself

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We are a reliable partner to general construction contractors

Our Policy

When we founded TT Technology years ago, we defined principles that we don't want to compromise on. Principles that are written deep in our DNA.
  • We are not just installers We actively enter into projects and their preparatory phase. We are looking for places to optimize and increase the cost-effectiveness of the solutions we deliver
  • Wide Scope Our employees have a broad competence profile, we actively increase the level of substitutability and strengthen accountability for results
  • Slim Office We know that the important things happen outside the office, so we focus our efforts and resources on the key points leading to a successful project handover

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